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Love on a Faultline

A seemingly intelligent woman realises that she has spent half her life loving a man who emotionally batters her.

In an attempt to understand why she stayed in the relationship, she delves into her past for behaviors which kept her stuck.

She explores her dominant archetypes and the effect of upbringing - the age-old  theories of nature and nurture.

Ultimately, she comes to terms with the role she has played in her own spiritual cataclysm.

Cover Artwork: Anita Trevi
Child Magical: a memoir

Having travelled half way around the world before her fifth birthday, the child magical reveals her life's journey in a series of vignettes.

Told in two voices, this story is accessible to both children and adults alike.

A comical look at life and how the author dealt with challenges that only girls have to face.

Anthology of Poetry and Prose, Flash Fiction and Short Stories

A collection of poems and prose, which looks at everyday events and turns them into memorable occasions.

The author gives a unique voice to themes such as kindness, frustration and betrayal - themes we can all relate to.