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Dilemmas of a Middle-aged Madonna

Romantic erotica
First chapter available in 'Ties That Bind'
Cover Artwork: Anita Trevi
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Love on a Faultline

Child Magical:

Part I - A Journey

The Soul Bared:

Anthology of Poetry


Love on a Faultline

Cecile writes lucidly and succinctly, and her making sense of the material in terms of Jung and others is interesting and intriguing.

Because she writes so intelligently and tries so valiantly to make sense rather than condemn, it is easy to sympathise with both protagonists and imagine oneself with the same dilemmas ...

She tells a good story in the sense that the reader is always wondering what is coming next.

Dr Peter Wigg, Psychiatrist

Dear Cecile,
'Love on a Faultline'

Truthfully, I finished this gorgeous book the day it landed in my hands, from the second I began I could not stop. The messages conveyed, paired with simple flow, was genuinely divine.

The best way to summarise what I personally have acquired is that I feel understood (which, as a young woman, is something I not often get to say) rather than feeling silenced by experiences that are seemingly too complex to discuss and be comprehended by those surrounding me - relationships can feel isolating. It’s as though something previously silenced has been gifted… words, a story.

I thank you so deeply for sharing this story, it is one I will treasure for many many years but also one I hope can be shared with more. The wisdom you’ve passed is a true gift, one that I would like to share with those close to me and beyond; to enable them to delve into the same issues as I have.

It would be a great privilege to have you as a guest speaker; I will be back in contact with you regarding this!

Thank you.

Kind regards,


Aged 19

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